Book of the Month

February 2022

Dear P.S. 115Q Community,
This month we are honored to present our amazing community with not one, but three books of the month, for the month of February, to celebrate the legacy and contributions of Black Americans in honor of Black History Month! In our Pre-K classes, they will have the pleasure of enjoying, Mae Among the Stars, written by Roda Ahmed. Our students in Kindergarten, grade 1, and grade 2 will be invited to share in Have You Thanked an Inventor Today?, written by Patrice McLaurin and our students in grades 3, 4, and 5 will be blown away by the book, Black Women in Science, authored by Kimberly Brown Pellum.

In addition, we have thoughtfully selected our virtue of the month to focus on the virtue of respect to align with Respect For All Week, which runs from February 14th to the 18th. Respect is an attitude of caring about people and treating them with dignity. Respect is valuing ourselves and others. (Popov, L.K. The Virtues Project Educator’s Guide. PRO-ED, Inc., 2000).

There are many ways we show respect each and every day here at P.S. 115. Respect is demonstrated when we ask for help on a project that is challenging. Respect can be seen when we engage in strong debates while listening to our peers and their opposing points of view. Respect is when we celebrate each other’s diverse backgrounds and keep our minds open to new ideas.

As a community we are so proud to share these books with you this month and hope to see many acts of respect highlighted throughout the school. What are all the ways you can demonstrate respect?

We want to give a heart-felt thank you to our incredible PTA for purchasing these beautiful and important stories to help us welcome in February and to celebrate Black History Month.

With all our respect,

The P.S.115Q Team