Fifth Grade

 Reading and Writing TEST PREP:

Students will work on various strategies that can be used when answering multiple choice, short response and extended response questions including:

  • Read the passage at least 2 times.
  • Preview questions before reading the passage
  • Annotate the passage
  • Use evidence from the text to support your responses

Reading: Fantasy Book Clubs-Constructing and Navigating Other Worlds

We will launch students into fantasy book clubs where they will focus on reading with deeper comprehension, synthesizing across many pages and deepen their literary conversations with their peers.

ELA and Math State Exams

The dates of the state exams will be determined at a later time.

Writing- Fantasy

In this unit, students will collect ideas for a fantasy story and continue working each day to develop story ideas that have strong plot evidence and rich significance.


Chapter 10 Understand Volume Concepts: This topic focuses on deep understanding of the measurable attribute of volume and using numbers and operations to describe and compute the volume of rectangular prisms and composite shapes. We will also begin preparing students for the NYS Math test.

Social Studies

Unit 2: European Exploration: How do issues of power, wealth, and morality influence exploration and colonization. Students will do a case study on Mexico.


Unit 2- Modeling Matter: Essential Question: What happens when two substances are mixed together?