First Grade

June 2022


  • Tuesday June 7, 2022: Clerical Day- there is no school for students.
  • Thursday June 9, 2022: Chancellor’s Conference Day- there is no school for students.
  • Wednesday June 16, 2022: PTA Virtual Meeting at 6:00PM
  • Monday June 20, 2022: Juneteenth Observed- there is no school for students.
  • Monday June 27, 2022: Last Day of School for students- students attend for a full day.


  • First Grade Arrival & Dismissal – MAIN ENTRANCE
  • The school day starts at 8:30 AM and ends at 2:50 PM. Please make sure your child comes to school on time.
  • Please adhere to the NYC Health & Safety Guidelines before bringing your child to school each day.
  • Review and return homework daily. Please check your child’s daily folder everyday; please clean out your child’s daily folder each day.

Learning Focus


Reader’s Workshop: Fairy Tales

  • Students will be able to identify elements of a fairy tale.
  • Students will work on story elements, character relationships, plot, and lessons learned in the story.


Writer’s Workshop: Fairy Tales

  • Students will be able to create an imaginary story based on skills and strategies learned in Reader’s Workshop.
  • Students will develop characters, work on setting, problem and solution, and elaborate on introductions and conclusions.


Envisions 2.0
  • Kindergarten: Step Up to Grade 1
  • Grade 1: Topic 15: Equal Shares of Circles and Rectangles; Step Up to Grade 2
  • Grade 2: Topic 15: Shapes and their Attributes; Step Up to Grade 3

Social Studies

Passport to Social Studies
  • Unit 4: Community Economics: Students will be able to understand the differences between needs and wants, goods and services, and producers and consumers.


Amplify Science
  • Unit 3: Spinning Earth- continued: Students will become sky scientists. They will record, organize, and analyze observations of the sun and other sky objects as they look for patterns and make sense of the cycle of daytime and nighttime.

First Grade and K.1.2 Team

  • Mrs. Hernandez, K.1.2
  • Ms. Cavas, 1-120
  • Mrs. Romano, 1-119
  • Ms. Zurita, 1-207
  • Ms. Yeung and Ms. Cuevas, 1-205