Third Grade

June 2021


Students will continue working in the Teacher’s College reading program, Research Clubs unit. The classes will read several mentor texts and study the genre of nonfiction. Students will think about patterns across multiple texts, and state theories about the texts.  They will build upon their main idea and detail knowledge by synthesizing text.  They will also identify text structure in order to hold onto meaning.


Students will continue working in the Teacher’s College writing program, Writing About Research unit. Students will work together with their research clubs to write about the animal they are researching in our research unit.


Students will continue to finish Envisions math program by completing chapter 7, the chapter on graphing and organizing data. Finally, third grade students will finish out the year by completing our geometry unit, contained in chapter 15. If time permits, classes will present some of the stepping up to fourth grade lessons.

Social Studies

Students will be working in the Passport to Social Studies program, completing our case study of China.  The learning will continue by studying the folklore from Ancient China as well as the dynasties.   The students will finish the unit by working on a culminating project. 

Things to Do to Prepare for 4th Grade

  • Read, Read, Read!
  • Study your multiplication and division facts!
  • Spend quality time with important family and friends.
  • Spend time relaxing!

Important Dates

  • June 3, 2021: No school for students
  • June 8, 2021: No school For students
  • June 14, 2021: Virtual Multicultural Night
  • June 25, 2021: Last Day of School