Third Grade

May 2023


  • The New York State Math Exam is Tuesday and Wednesday May 2, 2023 – May 3, 2023
  • There is no School on Monday, May 29, 2023 in honor of Memorial Day.


Students will continue working in the Teacher’s College reading program, Research Clubs unit. The classes will read several mentor texts and study the genre of nonfiction. Students will think about patterns across multiple texts, and state theories about the texts. They will build upon their main idea and detail knowledge by synthesizing text. They will also identify text structure in order to hold onto meaning.


Students will continue working in the Teacher’s College writing program, Writing About Research unit. Students will work together with their research clubs to write about the animal they are researching in our research unit.


Third graders have just finished the New York State Math exam. First, we revisit our area unit followed by topic 7, data and graphing. This will be finish up volume 1. From there, we will head to topic 14, to finish up measurement including mass and volume and elapsed time. We will round out the year with topics such as perimeter and geometry.

Social Studies

Students will continue the Nigeria country study. Students will learn about the history of trade in Nigeria as well Nigerian cultural practices. We will finish the year with a study of Egypt. Students usually really enjoy the Egypt unit.


Scientists will continue the Amplify unit titled, Inheritance and Traits. We are currently in chapter 2 and 3, where students are examining the traits of fruit fly families. Students will make connections between offspring and their parents. Studying fruit flies will also connect to the main unit question regarding the Wolf 44. After the conclusion of chapter 3, we will head to a science unit titled Weather and Climate.