Third Grade

October 2022

Upcoming Events

  • Wednesday, October 5, 2022: Yom Kippur (no school)
  • Monday, October 10, 2022: Indigenous People’s Day (no school)


In our first Teacher’s College reading unit, called Building a Reading Life, students were focused on building reading stamina, and learning to love to read.  In the month of October, the unit introduces strategies that go along with reading fiction.  Strategies include visualization, prediction, and retelling stories.  Students will also learn how to read or define harder words.  Towards the end of the unit, students will discuss higher-level strategies such as figurative language and author’s purpose.  Parents can assist with this unit by ensuring their child reads daily and logs the number of pages and minutes in their reading log.


In our first Teacher’s College writing unit, called Crafting True Stories, students were focused on collecting seed ideas in their writer’s notebook by writing about many different true stories.  In October, students will take one of these ideas through the writing cycle and publish a personal narrative.  Students will learn to use a storytelling voice and add dialogue to their writing.  Students will also revise their work by trying out the strategies of real authors.


Students in grade three have begun the year with Topic 8 in the Envisions 2.0 math program.  In this chapter students will learn addition properties, rounding, and other mental math addition strategies.  Students will also add 3 and 4 digit numbers.  Upon completion, we will move to Topic 9 where students will learn similar subtraction strategies with three and four digit numbers with regrouping.

Social Studies

Using the Passport to Social Studies program, students are studying geography in our first unit.  Students will learn various map skills such as the location of continents and oceans, using a compass rose and map key, as well latitude and longitude.  We will also be learning how the environment helps people live.  Parents can assist this unit by ensuring your child has memorized his or her home address.


Our first unit in our new science program, Amplify Science, is called Balancing Forces.  In the Balancing Forces unit, students work to investigate and then explain how these inventions such as a floating train seem to defy logic. Over the course of the unit, through firsthand experiences, discourse, and reading and writing informational text, students will come to understand how forces can cause stability or change in an object’s motion. They will discover how magnetic force can be used to counterbalance the force of gravity.