Third Grade

April 2022


Following the NYS English Language Arts exam, students will be finishing Bend III of our Character Studies unit. Then we will begin the unit titled Animal Book Clubs. Students will research an animal in groups, while learning nonfiction reading and discussion strategies.


Students will be working together in these book clubs to produce a writing piece with the information learned from researching their animal. Students may write a group chapter book, or create Google Slides. We are very excited because the children enjoy this unit!


Following the fractions unit, students will be skipping around studying topics including elapsed time, area, and perimeter. Students will also continue reviewing previous topics in preparation for the NYS Math Exam at the end of the month. Parents can assist at home by ensuring your child has memorized their multiplication tables and completes homework assignments.

Social Studies

In April, students will begin a new unit in Passport to Social Studies on the country of Nigeria. Students will explore geography, the cultural practices of Nigeria- including national holidays and symbols. Students will also research the history, economy, and government of the nation.


Students will continue to explore the pack of wolves that live in Graystone National Park. Students will focus on one particular wolf that is light gray in color, Wolf 44, as the other wolves are dark gray- yet they are related.

Upcoming Events

  • Spring break: April 15 – 24. 
  • Math New York State Exam: April 26 – 27