Third Grade


Students will be continue to explore answering questions in various genres with supporting evidence.  Students will explore comprehending texts that are fables, folktales, and even poetry.  Students will explore the unique characteristics of these genre and what types of skills readers use to understand them. 


Students will continue to practice writing short and extended responses.  Students will learn how to self-assess their responses using the rubrics.  Students will learn how to revise and edit their ideas to really take their responses to the next level. 


After finishing up our fractions unit, students will be skipping around studying topics including elapsed time, and area and perimeter.  Students will also continue reviewing previous topics in case there is a NYS Math Exam in early May.  Parents can assist at home by ensuring your child has memorized their multiplication tables. 

Social Studies

In April, students will begin a new unit in Passport to Social Studies unit on the country of China. Students will explore the geography, the cultural practices and traditions of China including national symbols and holidays.  Students will also research the history, economy, and government of the nation. 


Students will continue to explore the pack of wolves that live in Graystone National Park. Students will be exploring why one particular wolf, named Wolf 44, is a light gray color when the wolves in the rest of the pack are dark. Yet, these wolves are all related. 

Upcoming Events

Return from spring break April 5, 2021.