Fourth Grade

June 2021


  • Thursday, June 3- No School for Students
  • Monday, June 7- State Science Test (In Person- for those who signed up)
  • Tuesday, June 8- No School for Students
  • Wednesday, June 9- State Science Test (Remote for those who signed up)
  • Monday, June 14- Virtual Multicultural Night
  • Friday, June 25- Last Day of School


  • Topic 13: Students will be learning about customary and metric units of length, weight/mass, and liquid volume.
  • Step Up to 5th Grade: Students will complete lessons to help prepare for the next grade. These lessons preview some important content for the next grade. Students will also be completing some culminating math projects

Social Studies

Freedom and the New Nation: Federal, State and the Local Government

Students study the role of compromise in the U.S. Constitution and comprehend the reasons for balance of power within the United States Government.


Students investigate the role the animal senses, primarily vision play in survival as they try to understand why there is a decline in the number of Tokay Geckos living in one area of a rainforest in the Philippines.


Historical Book Clubs: Students will be working on many reading skills during the Historical Fiction Book Clubs.  This unit specifically works on developing ideas about characters, determining themes, inferring within a text, comparing and contrasting texts, synthesizing across texts and reading and writing about reading.


Graphic Novel Writing: Students will take part in a narrative writing using pictures and words. This unit gives students an opportunity to put their narrative craft skills to use in an entirely new medium, one that kids are known to love and cheer for. In this new approach we will be supporting students in writing with plot, pacing, craft, and elaboration. Students will study the question, “how can I use words and pictures to craft writing that makes it irresistible for the reader to turn the page?”