Fourth Grade

October 2022

Important Reminders:

  • Wednesday, October 5, 2022: Schools Closed (Yom Kippur)
  • Monday October 10, 2022: Schools Closed (Italian Heritage Day/Indigenous People’s Day)


During the next few weeks in topic 2, students will be using a variety of strategies for addition and subtraction.

In topic 3 we will be learning about multiplying by 1-digit whole numbers. Students will investigate strategies for multiplying 2-, 3-, and 4-digit numbers by the numbers 2-9. You can expect to see homework that provides practice with multiplication by 1-digit numbers.

Social Studies

Students will be learning about what makes a complex society. Students will research and study how the Native Americans interacted with the environment and developed unique cultures.


In the Energy Conversions, students take on the role of systems engineers for Ergstown, a fictional town that experiences frequent blackouts. Throughout the unit, they explore reasons why an electrical system may fail.


Children will study the complexity of characters and explore themes while developing skills such as inferencing and interpreting motivations and desires in our first unit: Interpreting Characters: The Heart of the Story.


Students will write a realistic fiction story focusing on characters, motivations, desires, and struggles. They will develop scenes from a story arc. These scenes will be revised and edited while working to complete a published piece.