Fourth Grade


Spring Break: March 29th-April 2, 2021. Students return to school April 5, 2021.


Chapter 14: Analyze Patterns. Your child is learning to generate and analyze patterns of numbers or geometric shapes. He or she is learning how to use a rule and a table to continue a pattern. Your child is also learning how to use a repeating pattern to predict.

Chapter 15: Geometric Measurement. Your child is learning about geometry. He or she is learning common geometric terms, such as point, line, ray, and line segment. Your child is also learning about angles, including classifying angles and measuring angles. He or she is determining the measure of an angle using known angle measures, as well as using an appropriate tool, such as a protractor. Your child is also learning how to add and subtract angle measures.

Social Studies

Colonial and Revolutionary Period in New York: Students study the arrival of European settlers and their fight for freedom from England in the Revolutionary War


Students investigate the role that animal senses, primarily vision, play in survival as they try to understand why there is a decline in the number of Tokay geckos living in one area of a rainforest in the Philippines.

TC Reading:

Reading History: This unit builds upon our first non-fiction unit of the year, and guides students on a journey to read like historians. This unit culminates with a celebration, as students not only reflect on the tremendous learning they will achieves, but also to think about the big lessons that they can draw from events of the past.

TC Writing:

Bringing History to Life: Students will create informational books using historical details, text features, and quotations.