Cluster Corner (Specials)

March 2024


  • 5th grade will be playing the keyboards.
  • 4th and 3rd grade will be continuing their recorder studies.
  • 2nd grade will be playing the keyboards. 
  • 1st grade and Kindergarten will be doing an unit on the instruments of the orchestra.

Media Center

  • Kindergarten – Students will learn about different features of our community such as important buildings and transportation.
  • 1st Grade – Students will learn about the history of transportation through the past and present and how it has improved.
  • 2nd Grade – Students will learn about different Cultural Institutions in NYC, such as museums by taking a virtual tour of the Official Website of each location and designing their own postcard.
  • 3rd grade – Students will continue to learn about “Project Soapbox”, focusing on writing an introduction and conducting research. 
  • 4th Grade – Students will continue writing their speeches about their “Project Soapbox” topics.
  • 5th Grade – We will continue Unit 2 of the Passport to Social Studies Curriculum, learning about “The Age of Exploration”.
  • In addition, all 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade classes borrow books from the Media Center Library on a bi-weekly schedule.

Computer Science

  • Grades K-1: will start their first CS unit this year, working with an online block-based coding program- Kodable- where they will discuss sequence, debugging, and algorithms.
  • Grade 2: Students will create an online safety PowerPoint with a partner.
  • Grade 3: Students will work on a comic strip demonstrating a cyberbullying situation and how to handle it in a positive way.
  • Grade 4: Students will create a project demonstrating their understanding of cyberbullying and strategies for dealing with a cyberbully.
  • Grade 5: Students will complete and share their PSA.


  • All of the classes in the school (Pre-K through Grade 5) will continue working on their artwork for the “Square 1 Art” fundraiser. This PTA fundraiser will help raise money for the school, while giving families the opportunity to have their children’s artwork printed on a variety of items, such as cups, bags, magnets, and necklaces. More information about this fundraiser will be shared soon. In the meantime, you can visit the Square 1 Art website at:

Physical Education

  • K-2: Students will finish our jump-roping unit. We will then begin learning and practicing basketball skills. We will focus on dribbling, passing, and shooting through a variety of games and using stations.
  • 3-5: Students will finish our jump-roping unit. With March Madness beginning this month, students will begin our basketball skills unit! We will focus on fundamental skills through a variety of games and small-sided games.