Cluster Corner (Specials)

June 2021


  • Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade students will be learning instruments and music from around the world.
  • 4th grade students will be learning the Boomwhackers.
  • 5th grade will be continuing their guitar studies.

Media Center

  • Kindergarten: Students will learn about roles and responsibilities in the family and how families work together to solve problems.
  • First grade: students will learn about additional aspects of community living: community helpers, transportation, and services that are provided.
  • Second grade: students will finish their unit on the 5 boroughs of NYC and work on their culminating project.
  • Third grade: students will create digital time capsules.
  • Fourth grade: will learn about the challenges of immigration in the 1900’s.

Physical Education

  • K-2: Students will wrap up the school year by reviewing learned concepts as well as learn about summer games and safety.
  • 3-5: Students will wrap up the school year by reviewing all learned concepts. They will also learn about summer games/activities and will learn all about the Summer Olympics!


  • Kindergarten: Kindergarteners will create a project of their choice to express their favorite part of Technology this year! Students may code their project in the PlayLab on, or use Google Docs to type out their response and insert a picture or drawing to accompany their writing.
  • Second grade: Students will begin using to program different projects in a block-based language created by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).
  • Third and Fourth grade: Third and fourth grade students will end the year by showing off their programming skills in a final Scratch project! Students will have the freedom to create a project of their liking, incorporating different skills they’ve learned throughout the year; students should create something that they are proud to present to the class during our google meets!
  • Fifth grade: Students will create a Google Slides memory book project to reflect on their time at PS115, which they may download to save as a keepsake that they may treasure for years to come!


  • K-2: students will conclude the school year by drawing a variety of subjects, through teacher guided draw-alongs.
  • Third grade: students will learn about geometric radial designs, by creating mandalas.
  • Fourth grade: students will create abstract works of art based on the Russian artist, Vasily Kandinsky.
  • Fifth grade: students will conclude the school year by creating fun zentangle designs.