November 2022

Reminders & Important Dates

  • November 3, 2022: Half Day- kindergarten students are dismissed at 11:40 AM; Virtual Parent-Teacher Conferences
  • November 8, 2022: Election Day- NO SCHOOL
  • November 11, 2022: Veteran’s Day- NO SCHOOL
  • November 24 – 25, 2022: Thanksgiving Recess- NO SCHOOL

Reading, Writing, and Phonics

In Reading, we will continue with our study of favorite storybooks. We will learn further about what it means to be an emergent storybook reader and what that looks like. We will continue to look closely at character traits and how character feelings are important. They will also practice reading more and more exact words in their favorite books. We will also focus more on beginning, middle, and end when retelling the story. You can support this at home by reading favorite storybooks with your child over and over. Consider going to the library and letting them take out the books that we have read in class. Let THEM read the books to you using the character voices. They are GREAT at it!

In Writing, students will continue working on adding more and more details to their writing, both in pictures AND words. They will focus more on adding labels to their writing, using their writing tools, especially their alphabet charts. They will focus on stretching out the words they want to write, listening for the letter sounds in the words and writing them in sentences in their stories. You can support this at home by continuing to practice letter sounds and letter writing with your child. When they are coloring, have them label the things in the picture. Even if they only hear the first and last sound right now it is great! Celebrate that!

This month in Phonics, we will continue to explore the letters and sounds of the alphabet. We will also continue to work on clapping out syllables in words and using the letters we have already learned to tap out easy C-V-C words. You can support this at home by practicing the letters and most importantly, the letter sounds with your child. Sites such as and are wonderful.


This month in math we will be finishing up with Topic 2 and begin Topic 3 in EnVisions. Our focus will be on numbers 6-10. We will be learning to subitize these numbers, identify the numeral and number name, and count with 1:1 correspondence. The students will also review what a 10 Frame is and all the different ways to make 10. We will also be discussing greater than and less than within these numbers. You can support this at home by practicing in the Envisions workbook on the specific topic and having your child continue any hands on counting they can.

Social Studies

In Social Studies, Kindergarten will continue exploring their role in the school community and the specific jobs of those around them. We will also we will begin to discuss “Celebrations”. We will discuss how families celebrate different holidays and traditions. The children will be able to identify similarities and differences about these events. You can support this at home by starting to talk to your children about what holidays your family celebrates and what traditions are special to you.


In Science, we will continue to learning all about WEATHER! What types of weather do we know about? What type do we want to learn about? What are their similarities and differences? We will also investigate and explore how certain types of weather affects our playground. You can support your child at home by helping them take notice of the weather each day and the effects outside.