March 2023

Reminders & Important Dates

  • March 9, 2023: half day schedule for parent teacher conferences.

Reading Workshop

This month in reading, Kindergarten will be putting an extra focus on sight word readers to help the students become more fluent readers. We will also begin our unit on Bigger Books Bigger Readers. We will continue to teach and practice our Super Reader Strategies to read more books and poems. You can support this at home by reading with your child every night. Let them read the just-right sight word books to you that they bring home. Read the favorite storybooks that they come home with; they LOVE to retell those stories! You can also go onto your child’s Google Classroom to find out more about what the Reading Super Powers are and also find many virtual libraries we have posted.


This month in phonics we will be focusing on Fundations Unit 3. The children will be “tapping” out more words to hear the sounds that make up those words. They will also be focusing on rhyming and word families. In Unit 3 we will also be learning “Trick Words”, which are the same as sight words, when to use the letter “c” and “k”, and practicing alphabetical order. To support these topics at home, please take time to look at your child’s Google Classroom. There are Fundations Home Support letters posted as well as At Home Resources that you can use to work with your child on these topics.


This month in math, we will be starting Topic 7: Subtraction. Students will learn to represent subtraction as taking apart and represent subtraction with equations. They will learn to model subtraction in multiple ways. You can support this at home by working with your child in their EnVisions Math Workbook and utilizing virtual centers on our Google Classroom.

Social Studies

In Social Studies, we will continue with our unit of communities and community helpers. We will also learn about transportation, as well as map skills. The children will get a chance to create maps about their community and use a self-checklist to make sure they incorporated everything they need to into their map. You can support this at home by making sure you point things out when you are out and about in your neighborhood. Have discussions about what buildings you see, the people who work there, and the different types of transportation you come across.


This month in Science, we will officially begin our Pushes and Pulls unit. Students will take a deep dive into what “motion” is and conduct many experiments through play to see how ramps affect motion, as well as friction. You can support this by allowing your child to explore at home with different things that move. Let them create ramps with cardboard and blocks. They can also go on a “pushes and pulls” hunt to see what things you push and what things you push.