November 2023

Reminders & Important Dates

  • Thursday November 2, 2023: Half-day instruction for students; parent teacher conferences (1:00 PM – 3:00 PM; 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM)
  • Tuesday November 7, 2023: Election day; no school
  • November 23 – November 24, 2023: Thanksgiving break; no school

Reading and Writing

November brings us to the end of Module 2 in our Into Reading program. We will begin Module 3 by mid- November. Just a reminder, Module 2 focuses on “What makes each of us special?” Module 3’s essential question will be “What makes a community?”. This will tie in beautifully with our next social studies unit. Our readers will learn to make and check predictions, and also use picture/text clues. For Module 3 writing the focus will be informational writing. To support literacy at home it is very important to read to your child as often as possible. Their comprehension skills improve the more they are read to. While reading to them, stop and ask them questions. They can be not only questions like what was the setting or who were the characters? They should also be higher-order questions like, how did the character feel when _? How do you know? Where did that happen in the book? Did you ever feel that way?


This month in phonics we will still be working on Unit 1 in Fundations. We will be approximately up to weeks 8 and 9. We are still learning initial sounds and learning correct letter formation of lowercase letters. In both Heggerty and Fundations, we will continue practicing rhymes and syllables. At home, please continue to review and practice with your child using the Fundations slides on our Google Classroom.


This month in Math, we will be in Topic 4 in EnVisions Math. Topic 4 is all about comparing numbers from 0-10. Students will be able to compare groups by counting and recognizing numerals. To support this at home, it is important that you continue practicing identifying numbers and writing the numerals. Also, continue counting groups and identifying which groups have more, less, or equal objects to another group. Please continue to work in the EnVisions Workbook on Topics 1-4. We will then be moving on to Topic 5 – Classifying and Counting Data. In this topic, students will learn to sort and classify objects by one and two attributes. They will also explore how to read that data. You can support this at home by practicing sorting with different objects around the house. Have them group these object into different categories.

Social Studies

This month in social studies we will be finishing up our unit about who we are in our school community and what makes us unique. As we begin Module 3 in our literacy program, we will also be starting our social studies unit on community helpers. Students will learn what a community is as well as who lives, and works in a community. You can support this at home by talking to your child about their community. Go on a community drive or walk with them. Talk about what you see and notice, and why it is important. This will be very beneficial during class discussions.


This month in science we will be finishing with our weather unit diving just a little deeper into the topic. Students will be looking at some more extreme weather and its causes, and also its effects. Students will also explore how weather changes when the seasons change. This will lead up to our next topic; winter and hibernation.