This month in Math we are beginning Topic 11, Counting Numbers To 100!  We will be learning to count by ones, 10’s, counting and recognizing patterns to 50, and then 100.  We will also be problem solving up to 100. You can support this at home by reviewing numbers 1-20 with your children and also how to decompose these number. Having strong number fluency will also be very beneficial. Continue to do activities like subitizing, which one doesn’t belong, and rename the number.


This month in Reading, we will continue with Avid Readers. The students will continue learning about and practicing the different reading playdates that they can have with a reading partner. We will also explore the world of poetry.


In Writing, we will begin our new unit on Persuasive Writing. Students will be learning how to express their opinions on different topics and use their voices to persuade their readers. They will, however, have to also defend their opinions. You can support this at home by asking them their opinions on certain topics but always having them back up their answers with a reason.


This month in Science we will continue to study Spring and begin to focus on plants and life cycles. You can support this at home by going out for a nice neighborhood walk and observing the changes in nature that Spring brings. You may also want to see if the Queens Farm is open for visitors. They have wonderful learning opportunities for planting.

Social Studies

In Social Studies, we will continue to look at our communities by learning all about the 5 Boroughs. You can support this at home by talking to your children about the 5 Boroughs and the things you have seen in each of the Boroughs you visited.