March 2024

Reminders & Important Dates

  • March 7, 2024: Half-Day, Virtual Parent-Teacher Conferences
  • March 29, 2024 – April 1, 2024: Easter Weekend (School resumes on Tuesday, April 2, 2024)


This month we will begin Module 6: Home of the Free and the Brave. The essential question will be, “What makes the USA special?” The genre focuses will be poetry, song, and biographies. We will work on making connections, rhythm, and rhyme, as well as author’s purpose and craft. In print concepts we will work on concepts of words and sentences. To support this at home, please continue to read with your child every day. Also, take a trip to the local library to explore some of this month’s genres.

In Writing, we will be focusing on writing “How-to’s” and informational writing. We will analyze how-to texts and examine sequence of steps. We will also continue to utilize the writing process, as well as continue to make sure we write strong beginnings with important details and word choice. In grammar, we will work on pronouns he, she, they, them, and theirs. You can support this at home by choosing a variety of literacy journal topics for March on the choice board. That would include how-to writing pieces. Allow your child to practice what they are learning in school with your guidance. Also, encourage them to sound out words on their own. This is what they do in class. The more they practice the easier it will become.


This month in phonics we will begin Unit 4 in Fundations. In this unit we will be continuing to add “Trick Words” to our list. We will also be embarking into the world of digraphs! The children will learn the concept of consonant digraphs ch, th, sh, wh, and ck. They will work on decoding and spelling three sound words with these digraphs, as well as using the spelling of ck and the end of words. You can support this at home by continuing to review the slides that we put on our Google Classroom and practicing these skills with your child.


This month in math wraps up Topic 10 and begins Topic 11: Count Numbers to 100. The students will recognize and count using patterns to 30, 50, and then learn to count by 10’s. They will also recognize and count using patterns to 100. We will then begin Topic 12: Identify and Describe Shapes. Students will be able to identify and describe 2- dimensional and 3- dimensional shapes. They will also be able to identify shapes in the environment, along with their position. You can support this at home by continuing to work with your child in their EnVisions Math Workbook, as well as their weekly math choice board. Those choice board homework assignments relate directly to what is being taught in class. Try to choose a different one each time for variety.

Social Studies

In social studies this month we will be learning all about “American Symbols”. This unit will also discuss culture and diversity in the United States. It will tie in beautifully with our reading Module 6: Home of the Free and the Brave. To support this at home discuss with your child what American symbols you know about or that you have seen. You can also discuss what your culture is and how it is similar, and different to other cultures.


This month in science, we will officially begin our Pushes and Pulls unit. Students will take a deep dive into what “motion” is and conduct many experiments through play to see how ramps affect motion, as well as friction. You can support this by allowing your child to explore at home with different things that move. Let them create ramps with cardboard and blocks. They can also go on a “pushes and pulls” hunt to see what things you push and what things you push.