May 2023

Reminders & Important Dates

  • Monday, May 29, 2023: No School; Memorial Day celebration

Reading Workshop

This month in Reading we are continuing our Avid Reader Unit. The students will be focusing on developing a love for reading. After reading their books they will have “reading play dates” in class where they will be able to engage in various games and conversations related to their book. They will be reading fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and fairytales in this unit. You can support this at home by having “at home reading play-dates”. Ask your child to teach you some of the games they learn in school.


In Phonics, we will finish up Unit 4 and begin Unit 5. Our focus will continue to be on digraphs and blending sounds together to make words. In Unit 5 we will begin to sound out words to read full sentences. Please continue to utilize the Fundations section of our Google Classrooms where you will find practice materials and slides to use at home.


This month in Math we are beginning Topic 9 and 10 in EnVisions. Our focus will be on numbers 11-20. We will also be learning how to compose and decompose these numbers. You can support this at home by working with your child in their EnVision’s workbook and utilizes some of our virtual centers on our Google Classroom.


In Writing, we will be continuing with our How-To writing unit. The children are working hard to plan out their steps, write them in order, add details to pictures with labels, and add warnings when needed. They will also learn how to use mentor text features for reference when writing. You can support this at home by talking to your children about things they know how to do really well. Have them tell you the steps they take to complete those tasks.

Social Studies

In Social Studies, we will continue to work on our unit about Families, Change, and Time. We will continue to discuss needs and wants, but also how families solve problems together, what are the responsibilities of the family members in their home and understand that each family is different. You can support this at home by talking with your child about how important decisions are made in your family, what your child’s role and responsibility is in your family.


In science, we will continue learning about living and non-living things. We will also begin to understand what a life cycle is and what different life cycles look like in nature. This includes the study of plants. You can support this at home by simply taking in all the wonders of Spring. Take walks in your neighborhood, visit outdoor spaces such as the Green Meadows Farm, the Bronx Zoo. All these places show wonderful examples of life cycles.